Case Study

Love Others Through Food

LOTF Catering serves family events, corproate events, and offers personal meal prep for the everyday busy-person.
We created LOTF Catering's digital footprint on the web by building them their first website. This allowed them to receive leads on clients from any platform at any time.
We also created a lead funnel for interested parties to engage with.

Love Others Through Food Catering


Rachel started her business, Love Others Through Food Catering (LOTF), in 2023. LOTF caters to family events, corporate events, and offers personalized meal-prep plans to the everyday busy-person.

In the beginning, the best and easiest way to advertise LOTF's services was Instagram. It was free and easy to setup, and allowed potential customers to message the business when they were interested.

This worked well for a while, however in scaling her business, Rachel found the need for a footpring on the web. With a landing page and contact form, Rachel can advertise to anyone on the internet and doesn't require them to have an account on any particular social media platform.

What we did

  • Frontend (Next.js)
  • Email API
  • SEO
  • Lead Funnel
  • Web Animation
Increased Annual Revenue
Increased Lead Volume

"After building our website in 2023, DevelopYa increased our annual revenue by 35%. Our customers are happy with the ease of understanding what we do and how they can contact us. We are highly satisfied with the level of detail from the team. We would not have an online presence or high visibility without their ongoing support."

LOTF Catering
- Rachel, Owner/Operator

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